Beyond the Basics of Web Design

Oftentimes, people think that adding pop-ups to their websites is a good way to grab the attention of the visitors. This is generally not the case, though, unless you are trying to sell something. Avoid using pop-ups if you want to design a site that is successful and keeps your visitors coming back. Use this advice and other advice given in this article to help you design your website effectively.

It is a good idea to always add a favicon to any site. This is the image that your visitors will see the side the URL bar, on an opened tab next to the title of the page. If you choose to bookmark the page, the favicon is also visible on the bookmark. Favicons help your users to recognize your page easily in the browser without having to see your page directly or reading any text. It also helps your page look more professional.

Before you start designing your website, think about how you want your site to be navigated. The navigation needs to be easy to use and easy to access by your visitors. The navigation bar should be on every page of your website in a place that is noticeable. You will want the navigation bar to fit in with the rest of your page and not distract from it.

White space can be a good thing in web design, so never shy away from using it. Using too much text are too many images can clutter your webpage. This, along with having a distracting background, can cause your visitors to become irritated and leave. Using white space on your website the important elements on your website to stand out and be more visible.

As stated before, you never want to use things that can be distracting on your website such as pop-ups. Your visitors are there to see what you are offering, not be entertained. If you can add new elements to your website without them being distracting, you can make your website successful. Apply all the information you have read in this article to help you create a website that will keep your visitors engaged and happy.